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Here you’ll find tools, technologies, software, and services endorsed by ClearlyTech. For more info on the motive behind this madness, and our rating system, see the original post introducing this page.

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Application Servers

Run your application inside a reliable web server. Look for a mature option that performant, stable, and easy to configure.

General Web Servers

Pure App Servers

Data Stores

Probably the single most important part of your application stack. Once you start to build a large set of data, it’s hard to switch data stores, so choose this one extra carefully for your use case. Most applications need more than one kind of database, to store different kinds of data.

General Relational DB

NoSQL Document Stores

Key Value Stores

Columnar Stores for Analytics

Cloud Hosting

Don’t run your own infrastructure. Deploy to reliable mature cloud hosting providers. Either managed dedicated hardware, or virtual machines from top-tier providers.

Infrastructure As A Service

Email and SMS

The right tools will make it trivial to reach your users.

Promotional Email


Transactional Email

Web App Frameworks

Very few web applications today are built without the support of a first-class framework. Don’t let your developers build without one, and make sure the choice is made carefully. Betting on a framework is a key decision.


Content Management Systems

If you have a content-rich site that needs to be update by non-technical folks, a CMS is likely a good bet. Maybe something standalone that you can manage all through plugins and pre-built themes. Or maybe a platform your developers maintain, but that has a great administrative backend for you to manage content and settings.

Standalone CMS Solutions

Mobile Services

A hot area right now, more and more services are cropping up to help keep you focused on the core functionality of your mobile apps, providing good cross-platform support for all the trappings that make mobile development palatable.

Realtime Messaging

Systems Operations

Are your server systems running smoothly? Are they cleanly designed and efficiently managed? Are they all up to date? How would you know? Running a smooth technical operation is easy thanks to third party tools, but requires some planning up-front.

Code Deployment

Configuration Management

Monitoring Your Application

Proper monitoring and alerting for your application and infrastructure provides confidence to you, your development team, and your users that everything is running smoothly, and helps detect issues before they reach your customers.


Uptime and Performance

Developer Tools

Application Developers should spend the vast majority of their time focused on the specific needs of the product, not messing around with their development environment. These tools streamline a developer’s day, and help them stick to best practices for quality code.

Source Control

Hosted Source Control